EarV the environmental music app for iPhone

The EarV app introduces you to a brand new way of listening to music. By incorporating the sounds from your surroundings you will be able to sit, walk, jog, cycle while your music blends naturally with your environment.

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EarV the app by EarVironment

All you need is an iPhone and a pair of headphones. The app uses the built-in microphone or in-line mic to overlay sounds from your environment.


You choose the music, then set the “distance” that it plays from your ears. By pushing the music back and increasing the external sounds, your music naturally blends with your environment.


Use EarV at work, at home and on the move. Enjoy your music while hearing everything around you.

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EarV App Taster Video

In the Park

Use EarV when you’re in the park to hear the birds, bees, river and breeze.
Enjoy running with friends, listening to music and being able to talk to each other whenever you like.


At the Airport

Listen to your music with EarV without missing important information about your flight. Go shopping, grab a coffee and don’t let your headphones get in the way.


On the Move

Travel around town and listen to your music with EarV without feeling cut-off from the world.
Change the music and mic levels quickly with custom presets according to your environment.


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